Each article posted to this blog is accompanied by an illustration. Below is a mini portfolio of artwork by Kirsten not related to this website. Click a drawing to open its full version hosted by a third party gallery website.









  1. Kirsten, your Art is so fantastic. You are incredible at capturing and portraying your (By proxy, mine as well. I’m sure this is a Universal phenomenon) changing self images based on mood and internal body feeling.

    You are just so in tune with your emotional pool, girl, and I really dig it.

    Every one of these is just a shimmering leaf at the bottom of a cool riverbed, with clear water flowing overhead with no obstruction. They are so well rendered that my brain simply wants to take credit for all of the rendering, but I must remind it that using my eyes to see your art is honestly gives it no right to take any credit at all.

    Especially the one right below the lab stool (also amazing).

    The essence is there. Such life. There terrible scream of everyday overwhelming feelings and then the sweet oasis in the arms of the lover that make one feel completely whole and normal for a time.

    Love ya Kirsten, Give Tom a shout and a squeeze for me!

    Roger roger,



  2. Kirsten, I too love your artwork. I am writing a book for autistic adults to inform them and inspire them about the many paths to employment, the many supports for them on whichever path. I have 5 grandsons on the spectrum, they are my inspiration. For the book I want to include drawings that evoke the challenges and the solutions of autistic jobseekers. I hope to send out a formal proposal to one or more book publishers in the next few weeks. Would you be interested in a commission for a drawing or two for the proposal and then, as I pull together the entire book (hopefully in the next several months) you and I could collaborate?
    Jamie Jackson, 816 844 5011 (Text, phone or email reply SVP)


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