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Kirsten has been speaking at conferences, schools, workshops, and other events about autism and neurodiversity for over a decade. Her favorite topics include and how autism relates to growing up, puberty, sexuality, relationships, gender, and developing practical life skills.

Contact Kirsten If you are interested in bringing her to speak at your institution, event, or workshop.

Her speaking resume includes but is not limited to:


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  3. Hello Kristen,
    I’ve arrived here after having watched your speaking at Love and Autism. That speaking strucks me very strongly and it was like you were describing myself all the time.
    Thank you for sharing that.
    You spoke about ressources about “efficient selfcare” on your blog but also ressources that you could send by email.
    I think that I’m often thinking that I’m resting while I’m not.
    Also, I’m looking forward some tips to organize my life with rules in a neuro-atypical way because it certainly is not working well right now so if you can send that too that would be so nice of you and so helpful.

    (I’m assuming that you have some already formatted files about that, but if not, don’t bother and I’ll do my research by myself, I don’t want to bother).


  4. My previous comment was incomplete, Can you please send those ressources to me by mail ? If it’ not too troublesome


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