Links & Resources

ASD Screening Tests

  • The Aspie Quiz: 150 questions developed by Rdos, constantly revised and updated. Not an officially recognized test, and tends to be biased towards hypersensitive-type aspies over atypical presentations, but still a fun tool, and my favorite free “diagnostic” resource. Click here for author Cynthia Kim’s analysis.
  • The Autism Quotient (AQ): Less a diagnostic tool and more used by professionals to help gauge whether to refer an adult for assessment. Short and simple, more geared towards male aspie types.
  • The RAADS-R: Intended to be used in a clinical setting, for adults who typically escape diagnosis. Tends to be male-biased, but that’s a given with the majority of these.
  • The AQ-10: A condensed, 10-question version of the AQ.
  • Alexithymia Questionnaire: Common in autism, “alexithymia” refers to emotion-blindness and lack of self-awareness.

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